In our courses, we emphasize a strong interaction between theory and practice by using participation methods, practical experiences, daily situations and group workshops.


Active Participation

In our courses you will actively participate in the learning process. We encourage you to use your own creativity, voice your opinions, pose questions and make critical comments. In this way you will participate responsibly in your own learning process.


Group Dynamics

In our courses, people with different life experiences will come together as a unique group for learning, thus enriching the learning process. This is a critical part of our courses because communication is essentially a group activity.


Daily Situations

We will immerse you in real life, daily situations where you will learn basic communication skills to lead your life from day to day using the Spanish language.


Theory and practice

The strong connection in our courses between theoretical concepts and practical exercises reinforces your ability to communicate in Spanish. In addition, constant interaction with the local social and cultural environment allows you to learn the language in a broader real life cultural context.