All courses take place in small groups with a maximum of 5 participants

The courses are based on interaction between theory and practice and are distinguished between 3 levels. Level 1, the introduction/basic level, is for anyone without or basic knowledge of Spanish. The Level 2 and 3 is for intermediate to advanced speakers who already have some knowledge of the language. Levels can be combined into a four weeks comprehensive course.

Level 1: Introduction Course

In the Introduction Course, we focus on the basics of communication and offer an introduction to the basics of spanish grammar and speak. The spanish language skills you acquire in this course will be useful in other Spanish spoken countries as well.


Level 2 and 3: Project Course

This Project Course is intended for participants with intermediate to advanced spanish language skills. This course immerses you in the cultural place of Valparaiso and local daily life. The course is specifically developed to help you learn Spanish and improve your spanish skills using 2 key thematic workshops (Local Culture and Society) / and 1 technical workshop,(Grammar).


Combination Course

It is ideal for participants who enroll for the Level 1 Introduction Course, to combine 2 or 3 weeks, as the experience show us, use to be the best for the students. Course is designed to follow on systematically from the Introduction Course. The total of 3/4 weeks will give you a practical strong foundation in your Spanish communication skills.


Homestay / Integration into our everyday life

Additionally you can choose a Spanish course and at the same time have a stay in a family life. In the mornings, there are Spanish classes, in the afternoon you can join family life or explore Valparaíso. The family home is in the center of the city and is in a safe area of Valparaíso.